MA translation No2

Why would my own gaze not be enough?   “I am not a photographer”  what can that mean?

Is my ‘touch’, whatever that ‘touch’ means… either through the lense, through the pencil, through the pin.   I look close enough that i can touch the paper again, through the camera…. take the image and ‘sound’ it… ask it a question of ‘belonging’.


Somehow closer – we dance around the magnet that is the lense – peeping – it holds at once an attraction and twice a distance that I cannot meet – I ponder the photographer – the language of this.

Focusing in – finding fragments and details – selecting the information to frame – works to illuminate the intensities of these places – the intensity and delivering of the information that emerges from the paper .

These are conversations that loop from my hand, through paper, through the air….


Close enough to disrupt, dislocate and disorientate me – locked and unlocked


line up and cut – the white and the tonal grey – decide on the edge

–  light shines through –


Have faith in the gaze –

These images read as the translation of a ‘quality’ of  air.

They are quiet whisperings….


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