Sarah Goudie

Sarah Goudie is an artist based in the West Midlands, UK. She is a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art (Fine Art, BA 2000) and Birmingham School of Art, BCU (Masters, Fine Art 2014).

A multi-disciplinary practice includes film, photography, performed spoken word and sculptural installation.  These explore and record her interest in drawing and task the drawn line as a conduit for the sensuous other; the sounding, gesture and conversation of the vital female witness.

With a primary focus on the evocative nature of sculptural drawing on paper;  themes of secrecy and exposure, beauty and injury are explored.

Sarah Goudie_Tingle_ 2016  jpg

Tingle  2016  coloured pencil on paper   98 x 98 cm





Email:     Twitter:    @sarahmgoudie


6 thoughts on “Sarah Goudie

  1. Hi Sarah, we met briefly during your exhibition in Wolverhampton last weekend. I love your work, and as promised, I would like to blog about it. Would it be ok for me to use images from your site for the post? I will also link to your blog too. Kerry.

  2. Hi Sarah, who writes this… resonating through the archive of the heavily invested line, embedded within the gentle and forced folds… are they your words? Thats the cream on the cake, bit to sweet for me, love the cake, just as it is.
    Greetings from an old man in Norway. Paul .

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