2021/22 Listening gift : series

Above: ‘Listening gift : on waking’ 2022

graphite on paper

101 x 140 x 20cm

‘Listening gift : a dawning’ 2021

graphite on paper with wooden blocks

100 x 77 x 10cm

‘Listening gift : companion’ 2021

graphite on paper

82 x 140cm

A series of drawn forms made in the early and later day hours over extended periods of time.  A bedroom wall performs a reliable private place of slow return where a making process gathers, harmonises and settles disquiets of the mind and body.

Working a surface through graphite forms a narrative capturing surface; pressed, rolled, burnished and nuanced.  Over time it absorbs, relocates and captures imprints of a listening body. It conjures a mapping of dreams and draws out a form that teases the two dimensional and offers the possibility of finding a sculptural offer.

Informed and educated: these ‘gifts’ weave their way out into the world as a reply to extraordinary work delivered via recorded lecture series and zoom events with generosity and a yearning to exchange learning. With thanks to the Sh+me project, shining light on the enquiries of sexual violence https://shame.bbk.ac.uk/  and ‘The Gift : How the creative spirit transforms the world’ by Lewis Hyde.