MA – on the horizon…

Post Research in Practice – this is a bedding in time, glee, relief of being in the den, breaking apart, rebuilding, having faith in the next chapter…

paper – pencil – drawing – marking – space – breaking – tearing – destruction

taking them apart in the need to rework the theory


autopoesis…… oeconomy of structure and form…. resonance…. time/space continuum….

this is where my work is moving….  impossible spelling


Sliding the drawing out of the object… here it is…. nearly gone.   Reducing the paper, soaking it, longer than usual….  pushing it further than it will manage – I take it out and it breaks.

Paper transforms itself – becomes another – embarks on illusions, channelling a patois of fabric and folds.  It works the museum of illusions – power and painterly dissections.  Ghosts of Masters – velvet and lace.

SPEAKING A PATOIS OF MURMURS AND WHISPERS – stories from the depths of the oceans and caves.

Carving the shadows, stories foretold – out into the room of my sleep


The question lingers how much, how far, how low…. how worn does it need to be, should it be?

i long to demonstrate destruction but there is a poise required – a call for a poise – a quality – not just in the space but in the tone of the form… tone of my touch.

“i brace the form across my teeth  – tongue burns – lemon piercing, tears fall…..”








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