2022 This Quiet House, an exhibition of drawing, film and sculptural works investigating a poetic of repair

“This exhibition is outstanding in its subtlety, beauty and imagination”  ” Exquisite, sensitive, reflective – a wonderful body of work”

GO Gallery, Stourbridge September 2022

‘‘This Quiet House’ presents film, drawing and sculptural works that explore and curate a  poetic of repair.

“When we come upon beautiful things, they act like small tears in the surface of the world that pull us through to some vaster space”.

Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just.

In early 2020* with a desire to return to large sculptural practice, five gifted parts of a discarded piano were placed in a garden.  A period of 12 months were tasked to study these objects and garden across the changing seasons; using photographic, written, filmed and drawn observations.  The aim, to place attention on recovering a deep relationship with creative voice and artistry.

Born of a home entwining an artistic practice and a vulnerable caring role, this process of slow, observational making explored and developed a reflective meditation on recovery. The observed deterioration of the piano parts re-examined a relationship with aliveness and kinship.  The flowering grasses, teased and nurtured by the wind became dried and poised, yet enduring.

*pre any sign of a lockdown.

With thanks to A-N Bursary #TimeSpaceMoney support which has enabled a six-month period of professional/skill development and studio hire.  To CJ Mahony and Sophie Hedderwick for  mentoring and artistic input.


kiss curl – grass and graphite drawing 2022 12cm x 12cm