MA translating the image No 1

Taking sculpture to be photographed through another eye is transforming and curious.  Fancy cameras and lighting, not me standing on my bed, at an angle, about to break my neck….  This is ‘proper’…. glass cut images by Simon Bruntnell.  A lesson in illusion – pathos and surprise.

_38E6064Photo S.Bruntnell

These images and the translation that photography offers returns the sculpture back into the 2d of the drawing space… it helps me with the ‘problems’ and/or challenge of sculpture – returning it into the safer – other – strangeness…

_38E6748Photo S.Bruntnell

curves – movement – marking – hovering

_38E6810Photo S.Bruntnell

curious more curious – skin and detachment – recall the distance

I am left troubled by the nature of the gaze – the lack of my control – the transformation by another, through another and the ‘speaking’ is not of my own.  I ponder the crispness – the lostness – the identity so removed and the lost surface of my fingers moving across the surface,  the pin pricks so tenderly and teasingly done, somehow now astray through translation…

_38E6820Photo S.Bruntnell

seduced through the surface  – lost through the lack of something and the suggested surface –

I step in the direction of my own version and deliver No 2


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