DYS – Study Days

Dates 2018:
Mixed Group: Sunday 9th December 10-4pm  £75.00 (to include all materials)

Dates 2019:
Mixed Groups: 6th January, March 3rd, May 5th £75.00 (to include all materials)
Women’s Groups: 3rd February, April 7th, June 2nd  £75.00 (to include all materials)

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THE STUDY DAY:  starts with an artists talk on the ideas and stimulus of #DrawingYourSpace.  This is followed by making activities before and after lunch.

ACTIVITY:  we use ideas and notions of ‘drawing’ and ‘space’ to think physically and exercise boundaries so we can reflect on our own creative spaces and thoughts. We use three dimensional ideas of drawing, constructing and writing through which to explore our ideas.

BENEFITS:  Our experience of running these groups, consistently evidences people gaining confidence and stimulus in their artistic identity.  They have time and space to return to an intrinsic place of both creativity and learning, leaving them with renewed purpose in their practice.

MIXED/WOMEN’S GROUPS:  we have a particular interest in women only creative spaces and have dates available for both women only groups and mixed groups.

We experience different outcomes depending on the gender balance of the cohorts and are interested in how this can be explored and honoured.

Contact:  smgoudie@hotmail.com   07765 288644