Study Days

‘The entire day was so enjoyable: from the hospitable welcome, the interesting and well researched initial talk, through to the engrossing mix of activities.  The opportunity to become fully absorbed creatively and to be able to use a wide range of resources was brilliant.’  

⭐We have no dates as yet organised for this year ⭐

Please contact lead facilitator Sarah Goudie for further information: 07765 288644 or email:

A day to focus energy and thinking on your own creative practice. Using enlivening and collaborative activities directed by the stimulus of drawing.

Looking at inspirational artists and art works that challenge and embrace the making environment and stimulate our own relationship to material and making.


We use ideas and notions of ‘drawing’ and ‘space’ to think physically and exercise creative spaces and thinking.  We work with three dimensional ideas of sculptural drawing, mark making and writing to explore our ideas.


‘Thank you to both Sarah and Elena for providing the opportunity to take part in the Study Day.  You were excellent teachers and guides.  You combined professionalism, playfulness and a sense of care for everyone in the group.’  Participant Feedback

Our experience of running these groups, consistently evidences people gaining confidence and stimulus in their artistic and creative identity.  They have time and space to return to an intrinsic place of both creativity and learning, leaving them with renewed purpose.

We have a particular interest in women only creative spaces and have dates available for both women only groups and mixed groups.

We experience different outcomes depending on the gender balance of the cohorts and are interested in how this can be explored and honoured.

Contact:   07765 288644