DYS | Spatial Drawing Sessions

Spatial Drawing Sessions are held at General Office Gallery in Stourbridge

6.45 (for a 7pm start) -9pm – Cost £10.00 – includes all materials and a refreshment.  We appreciate booking and paying in advance  –  we have small groups and when we know numbers can plan accordingly.

Call Sarah on 07765 288644 or email: smgoudie@hotmail.com for further info or bookings – we look forward to hearing from you 🙂

The following #spatial #drawing sessions are themed – focusing on an element of drawing to exercise the line and drawing space.  It helps to loosen our drawing and creative thinking…

Evening sessions:  

21st May:  Curve

25th June: Motion

27th August:  Drawing for Sculpture

One morning session is held every month from 10-12pm also £10 with all materials and a refreshment included.

Morning session:   

11th June: Curve

9th July: Motion

These sessions are less formal than the Study Days.

Shorter in time – they allow for people to unfold over two hours into the big gallery space at General Office.  The focus is on floor and wall work – working with large pieces of paper – concentrating on physical drawing and mark making.

Many people enjoy the time for themselves – expanding into the drawing space – engaging with materials and a ‘quote’ or ‘thought for the day’ and the challenge of new and unexpected opportunities.