Drawing Your Space

For:  Artists, Educators, Designers, Creative Practitioners, Students pre- and post- Graduates and those whose creative life is essential to who they are.  

A supportive and considerate programme of activities and events for those who may be in the process of reinvigorating their art practice, re-imagining their creative life or wanting time and space to develop their creative thinking. 

Study Days (click the link for further info) and the six part Study Course reflect on and consider creative thinking and practice.

Spatial Drawing Sessions are shorter – two hour mornings and evenings offering time and space for physical mark making.  They are a good taster for the Study Days.

Designed to stimulate and consider the space one needs to make and think, we ponder on and wonder with each person; how to develop, protect and stimulate their creative identity.

‘I recommend this course highly….’  Study Day Participant

‘These days were really helpful for me : separating and sorting public and personal; introvert and extrovert’  Study Day Participant

the day is held at General Office Gallery, First Floor, 12 Hagley Road, Stourbridge DY8 1PS

This venue only has stair access to the studio space – unfortunately there is no wheelchair access at present.

‘It’s great to be part of something that we have seen makes such a difference to the way people think about their creativity and practice!’   Elena Thomas

Please contact Sarah on 07765 288644 or email:  smgoudie@hotmail.com

Facebook:  @DrawingYourSpace  Twitter:  @DrawYourSpace

#DRAWINGYOURSPACE has its roots in the Drawing in Space two-day activity that was a fundamental part of the Artist Teacher Scheme that ran at Birmingham City University: It was part of the Arts in Education MA.  Sarah Goudie and Elena Thomas have gathered their experience of working (for over five years) on the course in order to develop and offer the #DrawingYourSpace Study Days and Courses.  They have a particular interest in women’s creative spaces and aim to investigate this further.

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