Sarah Goudie is an artist based in the West Midlands. She studied at Wimbledon School of Art before completing her MA in Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art (Birmingham City University) in 2014.

Current Work:   Sarah co-facilitates Drawing Your Space activities – these involve ‘Drawing Your Space – Study Days and Study Courses  with Elena Thomas  and morning and evening Spatial Drawing Sessions at General Office Gallery  Please click links for further information | dates | times |costs etc.

This work has a particular focus on the investigation of women’s creative resilience and the space needed to support this.  Twitter: @drawyourspace FB @DrawingYourSpace





Sarah’s practice interweaves pencil work, writing, spoken word and photography to explore the physical and hidden impulses of drawing and language.    A fascination with the movement of light travelling over graphite supports a curiosity for mark making and the potential for paper and graphite to form sculptural objects.

Sarah has exhibited within group and solo shows in the UK. Photographs of her drawings have been published in the Fine Art Journal, Zétésis. She taught ‘Drawing in Space’ workshops for the Artist Teacher Scheme at Birmingham City University and continues to research the complexities and rewards of a process and ‘spatial’ approach to making.



Email:   smgoudie@hotmail.com     Twitter:    @sarahmgoudie