MA spoken word – a reading – a presentation – in deconstruction

Working with words – layering them – transporting them – transfering them – over and over and over again…

Is as a drawing – and it works alongside a drawing and sculpture – objects – things.



Layered pencil lines heat rhythms of time, shadows carve the floor.


She plucks a patois of re-membering,

stitching heart lines that strengthen the form.


This labour of graphite and paper, sound a Female Sculptural Space.


there’s a firebomb in there somewhere – granite walls – soft cheeks – burning and fading….


a discourse of aporia and journeying…..

autopoesis, sympathy and  curing,   desire and enduring…..

all beating their rhythms through the pencil line…


and sleeping….


MA – studio space

Moving from home to studio – space – sky – light – resonance….  even if only for a day… tutorial – encouragement – decisions



no titles – just objects in space….  much thinking



resonating light – beautiful studio windows….



Old ‘Cure’ on the floor – knackered bit of paper now- still the shine shines….




Another  ‘Cure’ – fresh from the Magic Conference – proud and stood the test of the public….








MA – from a hollow into – ‘hide’


 Hide - paper and pencil drawing - 2013

Hide – paper and pencil drawing – 2013

 Pure pleasure in taking a drawing from the wall – bending, forming, learning something new.

Bucket – water- sponge

We have been here before – this baptismal rite – this ‘cleansing time’ reworking ‘dream time’



004 (2)

in my home – long hours of hope


 resonating time and space – limpits of water and needles – holes and tearing

back bones of those far gone, far removed –  disappeared….

paper worn and torn

paper worn and torn

MA – journeying out of grace –



Pleasure of an ongoing object that retains a will to keep going –


‘stitch – paper – stitch’

re-forming, re-inventing – re- imagining

Taking braver steps to see how far this paper will go.

Nestled into a black crown – suturs still binding –

Contrary to all of this – a desire to return to the blind face of white paper – untouched but for that of the pencil nib.

How far into form and away from that blindness in order to return?



Still further to go…. still more —

 – binding and squashing and squeezing –



delivered torn paper and stitches – break upon break



further into itself….   Or a poised hold of strained stitching and fold…  there is more to do – thread, needle, binding…