MA – developing – final – exhibition



Transfering work to the studio at Margaret Street…. making work in the space…. finding a way through from the quiet and embedding of the domestic into the elegance,   space and air of the studio – attic – elegant arches – glass ceilings – purpose built  – ‘art power’

Coming into new relationship with the ‘journey form’ and what it is?   How it works?  When it works…. learning there is a subscribed set of events and they need to be in line, in order, to work.

puckering paper

–  reserving –

  making space and forming a way  for a delicate discourse

paper store

whole new worlds find the potential and possibilities of what it can be to to transform.

Sticking ‘sense’ and ‘meaning’ to the corner of the room…. sitting with the materials and all they offer.

stitching – piercing – folding – crushing – soaking



MA spoken word – a reading – a presentation – in deconstruction

Working with words – layering them – transporting them – transfering them – over and over and over again…

Is as a drawing – and it works alongside a drawing and sculpture – objects – things.



Layered pencil lines heat rhythms of time, shadows carve the floor.


She plucks a patois of re-membering,

stitching heart lines that strengthen the form.


This labour of graphite and paper, sound a Female Sculptural Space.


there’s a firebomb in there somewhere – granite walls – soft cheeks – burning and fading….


a discourse of aporia and journeying…..

autopoesis, sympathy and  curing,   desire and enduring…..

all beating their rhythms through the pencil line…


and sleeping….

MA – journeying out of grace –



Pleasure of an ongoing object that retains a will to keep going –


‘stitch – paper – stitch’

re-forming, re-inventing – re- imagining

Taking braver steps to see how far this paper will go.

Nestled into a black crown – suturs still binding –

Contrary to all of this – a desire to return to the blind face of white paper – untouched but for that of the pencil nib.

How far into form and away from that blindness in order to return?



Still further to go…. still more —

 – binding and squashing and squeezing –



delivered torn paper and stitches – break upon break



further into itself….   Or a poised hold of strained stitching and fold…  there is more to do – thread, needle, binding…