Pulpa – Group Show – R K Burt Gallery, 61 Union Street, London


Pulpa Group Exhib - R K Burt Gallery

‘Cure’ alongside Hannah Honeywill’s ‘Exquisite Corpse in 12 parts’


Exhibiting in a group show – Pulpa – works on paper at the

R K Burt Gallery, 61 Union Street, London – 26th Nov – 4th Dec 2014

Artists from Birmingham and the surrounding –

connected by short or long threads to BiAD/BCU

Group show - website - http://pulpa.weebly.com

Group show – website – http://pulpa.weebly.com

Showing three pieces – ‘Cure’,Steal’ and  ‘Teller’ three paper objects.

  This drawing has been shown before as ‘The Summons’.

'Cure'      graphite on paper

graphite on paper

Great to be in a group show – amazing to be in London – a beautiful building – supportive and engaged artists.

'Teller' paper and graphite

‘Teller’ paper and graphite


‘Drawn lines , blend and develop to embed thought, question and voice,

while paper evokes a suggestion of skin, fabric and script’.

'Steal' and 'Teller'  paper and graphite

‘Steal’ and ‘Teller’
paper and graphite

‘The manipulated surfaces and structures of the materials expose

curious relations of beauty and injury, poise and collapse, central to research’

'Steal'  paper and graphite

paper and graphite


These sculptural objects, balance on themes of the exposed silent story.

Titles work suggestively to create a tableau for space and movement within the exhibiting space.’


MA – developing – final – exhibition



Transfering work to the studio at Margaret Street…. making work in the space…. finding a way through from the quiet and embedding of the domestic into the elegance,   space and air of the studio – attic – elegant arches – glass ceilings – purpose built  – ‘art power’

Coming into new relationship with the ‘journey form’ and what it is?   How it works?  When it works…. learning there is a subscribed set of events and they need to be in line, in order, to work.

puckering paper

–  reserving –

  making space and forming a way  for a delicate discourse

paper store

whole new worlds find the potential and possibilities of what it can be to to transform.

Sticking ‘sense’ and ‘meaning’ to the corner of the room…. sitting with the materials and all they offer.

stitching – piercing – folding – crushing – soaking


MA – studio space

Moving from home to studio – space – sky – light – resonance….  even if only for a day… tutorial – encouragement – decisions



no titles – just objects in space….  much thinking



resonating light – beautiful studio windows….



Old ‘Cure’ on the floor – knackered bit of paper now- still the shine shines….




Another  ‘Cure’ – fresh from the Magic Conference – proud and stood the test of the public….








MA – from a hollow into – ‘hide’


 Hide - paper and pencil drawing - 2013

Hide – paper and pencil drawing – 2013

 Pure pleasure in taking a drawing from the wall – bending, forming, learning something new.

Bucket – water- sponge

We have been here before – this baptismal rite – this ‘cleansing time’ reworking ‘dream time’



004 (2)

in my home – long hours of hope


 resonating time and space – limpits of water and needles – holes and tearing

back bones of those far gone, far removed –  disappeared….

paper worn and torn

paper worn and torn