MA – Final Exhibition – complete

MA Exhibition – 2014 – BIAD – Margaret Street – Sept 5th – 12th

Glimpses of final exhibition work…. drawing, paper, sculpture…

Dispersed through these images are excerpts from a spoken word film – ‘Stitch-paper-paper’ –

It will play in the lecture theatre for the duration of the exhibition.

Turning a corner – I’m watching a girl ‘

'Stealth' 2014, paper, pencil, polish

‘Stealth’ 2014, paper, pencil, polish

‘she breathes in the echo of their voices singing – 

stand up – gather up

bound by the sounding of blood – the song of the stitch begins’


‘Stealth’ detail


slip to the water – a long dive down – and look for the whale –

hold her gaze – your breath clic’

'The Teller' 2014

‘The Teller’ 2014

I throw my questions to the wind – it answers – you are good ‘


‘The Summons’ (detail) 2014 graphite, paper

‘she listens at the cupboard door – it answers back – 

‘ you are always more powerful than yourself’… have Mercy…

The Summons (detail) 2014 graphite, paper

The Summons (detail) 2014 graphite, paper

‘and with an effortless spacing of grace

the line bears the witness

roots itself in the sky….’

stitch – paper – stitch: draw – sharpen – draw

slowly she melts into view….


MA – drawing – final – exhibition

Big drawing – various titles – possibilities endless –  melting of graphite – pencil becoming luxurious.


mercury or silver


this is home… lost in the line and the curve…

working into the paper and the cross stitch weave…

‘stitch paper stitch – draw sharpen draw’


MA – developing – final – exhibition



Transfering work to the studio at Margaret Street…. making work in the space…. finding a way through from the quiet and embedding of the domestic into the elegance,   space and air of the studio – attic – elegant arches – glass ceilings – purpose built  – ‘art power’

Coming into new relationship with the ‘journey form’ and what it is?   How it works?  When it works…. learning there is a subscribed set of events and they need to be in line, in order, to work.

puckering paper

–  reserving –

  making space and forming a way  for a delicate discourse

paper store

whole new worlds find the potential and possibilities of what it can be to to transform.

Sticking ‘sense’ and ‘meaning’ to the corner of the room…. sitting with the materials and all they offer.

stitching – piercing – folding – crushing – soaking