MA – ‘a cure’

A return – a blinding – a certainty of something I know –

 I break through the sharpening and sharpening of the pencil….


pencil on paper
pencil on paper


adventures into huge, double sheets of paper – stretching double time to gather the traces and marks, stretch marks and piercing of the surface layer….

another rhythm entirely –  in the dull –  soft,  light of the undercurrent –


I learned here of how much the pencil and paper can take.

I learned here of the emergence of information from the paper.

as I lean in, the paper turns out to meet me – it bears a back – and it tore –

a cure (details) pencil drawing on paper
a cure (details) pencil drawing on paper

I attended a lecture’by Dr Lynn Turner.   She said the words ‘animal cure’  –

I thought about forgiveness – revenge – what is a good cure…. drawing is an available cure….

drawing houses the animal

 this is a point of departure – a point of reinvention – a point at least to consider


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