MA – dislocating

Presenting for a Group Tutorial – combined work with Wendy Titmus – fear, death, mourning, loss, absence – her photos hold the keys for the attempted unlocking of the subject – a bunch of keys – some will be nearer to the fit than others.

Following from work exhibited at the summer exhib – passing into a phase of learning – re-membering.   Learning the material, learning a breaking down…. the process, how it happens, what happens, through what passage does one pass.

This is becoming – a collision of time and half- visions – where thought requires material to ground it.


old paper – fabric  fall – floor and space – first breathes

Materials – paper, fabric, hair, drawings (torn), black paper soaked – varnished.   The presence of dropped fabric – a space for a ‘circling’.   Delivering possibilities – there is more space on the other side of this work than there was before the start – potential increases – words increase – it weaves, spins and will lift.


 bone glimpsed – animal – heart – death


Casts  – paper – wax – hair – threads – fabric

Behaving as a cast –  to hold,  support,  remember,  remind.   They breath in the old to expel the new – a circling of sorts.

The residues of a happening – sound – breath – death – day – night – hope – held in the pillow that serviced the day.


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