MA – Sounding….

Sounding…‘ 2013 paper – fabric objects

Part of the interim show (part time students) at Margaret Street, BIAD – ‘Who Punched the Unicorn?’

Paper objects caught in the midst of process – emerging knowledge works the surface of the paper – pin holes – rapid texturing delivers a pulse – folds of movement and elegance – strike a balance.


Opportunity to work with exhibition/ studio space –  to create a ‘quality’ of mood.

Two objects – one wall based and one floor.   Learning the relations –  to hear them and manage them – what is the question of the space?


Working with falls of cloth – whiteness – material qualities of each – the wall, fabric, paper.

This floor – embedded, listed, histories…..

The space becomes an opportunity – to enter or not…. through – around…. come closer….


Really fortunate to be in the midst of FaminaB’s work – talent – humour – skill…..



Famina B – print – skill


Fabric – ribbon – paper – selection of materials –  a sensuous skin suggestion –  there is ‘circling’ involved in this object.

Multiplicities of story – language – senses –  I ask for openness, breathing – speaking – as you go near and they tell you.




  1. Evocative work Sarah – in so many ways. Such a depth to dive into and connect to subtle levels. Its also comforting and nurturing work….with an edge… well done and thank you! xxx

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