MA more –

Development is a three dimensional thing!   Seeing the brain develop its muscle is quite a thing and a relief of sorts.  The potential that it was only going one way has been challenged…   Is a slow thing this MA , for me… but the evidence is stacking up that i am in the right place, doing the right thing… the urge to leap away has been considerable but… still here…

I wrote an essay during the Easter break and saw my wordsmithing become a thing to enjoy!  Thesaurus is a lovely thing!!   I realise and enjoy that it is all a great muscle to develop, exercise and hone… and improve my spelling..  This essay was the result of ‘Untimely Meditations’ – scary seminars in the low ceiling room at the end of the day… and speak??  why not 9am?   My flow time… I still havn’t got over what it is to be back in education…  is my bolt out of the week.   Talking and waking up and being with all the energy!

Working now to develop research into my practice.  So am looking at intensities – repetition – identity – difference – the ‘work’ of mourning, the ‘work’ or dreaming…  the work of clearing a place for resistance…  Looking to a simultaneous  destruction and reconstruction of sense, thought, sound, through drawing.  Immediate resistance and staying… constant

Interpreting the drawing process, devoid of structure apart from that of the paper boundary and paper itself.

What role do they constant 1each maintain, discover, fold into…   Soaking paper, reforming, varnishing…   drifting into practice…SONY DSC


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