MA – riping and winding

Old sheets – worn thin – riped up.   Acres of sleeping hours, awake hours, bodies and dreaming embedded in each and every thread…. it only rips on the diagonal… frustration.

I sink each strip into water…. they swim, soak, cleanse, disperse or condense the dream…

Reforming, winding, binding … layering in and amongst some petals… they leak the air and bee stings that brought them here… brown.


I thought this would be clean and ethereal… it is damp and dark…  It delivers something coded and known… lived and alive it its bringing forth of the materials…   not disappointed… surprised.


i buried a jewel with you, in the earth…

Varnish – stiffening, maintaining, holding, suffocating…. is shines as the pencil marks shine… as you move accross and around, observing and working…

fabric form

fabric form


MA – soaking and reforming



Converting drawing into object.   Paper as object/body/thought.   Piercing of paper as breath, tension, air holes….   Soaking of the paper and reforming – bringing body and movement out of the plane.   Pencil marks elaborate moments of intensity.   Varnish holds it, protects it…. removes it.